How to stimulate independent thinking

Be inspired to assess the extraordinary. Talented students might find solutions you have not thought about

Talented students can show a high level of creativity and surprise you with their extraordinary solutions.

Even though those extraordinary solutions make the assessment of the students’ work more difficult, teachers should actively support their students’ creativity and be open-minded about everything they are supposed to assess. Depending on the honors program and the subject the students are involved in different ways of assessing might be suitable. In any case, creativity and independent thinking on the student level also demands creativity on the teacher level.

Discussing standards with students and colleagues as well as opening assessment methods to different solutions can be a first step to valuing creative and independent thinking among students.

International Centre of the Study of Giftedness at the Westphalian Wilhelms-University of Münster

Vivian Marielle van Gerven – Teacher Educational Sciences

Judith Wenker – Student of Teacher Training (subjects History & English)

Carolin Böckers – Student of Teacher Training (subjects English & Mathematics)