How to create an atmosphere in which students learn from each other

In the context of creating community as one of the three core pillars of honors education this video can be watched by teachers working on or interested in honors.

Students wanting to create community themselves can be inspired to see their fellow students as team partners and not as competitors. Learning then turns into a team effort.

As a starting point of working together students might ask themselves what the group could do for them. This might lead to a break in communication and struggles when working as a team and solving problems together as equal partners.

To change minds, it is important to establish a different way of communication. As a teacher you should point out the importance of feedback and appreciation among each other. Do not see the mistakes of people but their benefits.

You as a teacher should function as a contact person if problems within the group arise which cannot be solved by the students themselves.

International Centre of the Study of Giftedness at the Westphalian Wilhelms-University of Münster

Vivian Marielle van Gerven – Teacher Educational Sciences

Judith Wenker – Student of Teacher Training (subjects History & English)

Carolin Böckers – Student of Teacher Training (subjects English & Mathematics)

Pictures: Judith Wenker & Vivian M. van Gerven

Voice: Carolin Böckers