How to give useful feedback to talented students

The video explores the relationship between students and teachers based on giving and receiving feedback. Feedback is useful in teaching and learning processes, it offers the opportunity to improve academic performance and supports self-development.

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This video is relevant for both learning partners – teachers and students, but also for policy makers, teachers trainers and mentors. Feedback is an important part of the learning process, in order to make students responsible for their own professional and personal development. Thus, we underline the main ideas about feedback: part of communication process, emotional involvement of the partners, and empathy. There are assorted types of feedback, different techniques of delivering such feedback, and all of the structural elements which are important for teacher training curricula, too. 

Questions for reflection

1. Why is it so important in your opinion to give and to receive feedback?

2. Which are the most important benefits of feedback in the context of educational communication?

3. What strategies can we adopt to provide useful feedback to talented students? 

4. Can you give an example of effective feedback you gave to a talented student?

5. What does “a good feedback” mean to your talented students, especially in contrast with other students?

Alexandru Ioan Cuza – University of Iași

Carmen-Mihaela Crețu and Elena Seghedin – PhD University Teachers
Tina Vrabie – PhD Student
Diana Chihaia and Cosmin Vaman – Technical Support

Mara Mațcu – Honors Student
Ovidiu Gavrilovici – University Teacher
Anca Franț – University Teacher
Emilia Pascal – University Teacher
Adelina Costiniuc – Honors Student


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