On this page you find information related to events in the CoTalent project. If you want to keep up-to-date on events related to talent development in higher education in general, we recommend you join the European Honors Council -

Upcoming Events

International conference

The CoTalent tools will be presented at the International Conference on Talent Development and Honors Education, planned for 16-18 June 2021. This event was originally planned for June 2020, but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 measures. Please see the separate conference website for information.

Past events

  • Online event ‘Working with talent in your (virtual) classroom’, 16 October 2020. In a short online session, the CoTalent project team introduced the tools of international co-creation, and the process which was used to produce them. The slides used in the event are available here. This event was part of the Europe-wide Erasmus Days.

  • Online events to show and discuss the CoTalent products were organised in different language areas in the last months of 2020.

  • From 2017-2019, four main events were held where products were co-created and preliminary project results were presented:

  • CoTalent Workshop 1 – Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands, 11-15 June 2018 
    Press release
  • MeTalent YouTalent mini-conference, 15-16 November 2018, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • CoTalent Workshop 2- University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi, Romania, 8-12 July 2019
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  • MeTalent YouTalent Event 2, 21-22 November 2019, Münster (Germany)

Logo competition

The CoTalent project ran a Europe-wide competition for students to design a logo for the project. The winning logo was made by Amy Hill, Fine Arts student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Read the press release

Thesis on CoTalent

Student Etienne Koot (Utrecht University, Netherlands) wrote his thesis on the CoTalent project, focusing on its effects on the participating students.

Read the full thesis here