Europe simply cannot afford to waste talent. Therefore, nine organisations strongly committed to talent development in higher education have joined forces to develop videos that can help teachers spot and stimulate talents. The e-library is divided into the three pillars of Honors Pedagogy: Creating community, Enhancing academic competence, and Offering freedom.

Creating Community

Cross (1998) defines learning community as ‘groups of people engaged in intellectual interaction for the purpose of learning’. In an honors community faculty, students and professionals have close contact and form a network in which interaction among them is fostered. 

Enhancing Academic competence

Enhancing academic competence involves critical and reflective thinking and the crossing of disciplinary boundaries.


Offering Freedom

VanTassel-Baska & Stambaugh (2005) claim that educators for the academically gifted need to take flexible approaches to content and give students some choice: “Without the use of some form of flexibility within the curriculum, adjusting for the need of gifted students in the regular classroom is an impossible task” 

Other Subjects

These are a selection of videos related to talent programs, that do not fit into the three pillars of pedagogy.