How to stimulate students to play an active role in society

Creating an educational environment that inspires students to do the extraordinary and to make an extra effort, can be done through providing bounded freedom.

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This video is about a group of students that made an idea from their regular teaching setting flourish outside the classroom. The video is particularly relevant for teachers who want to create the best possible environment for students’ extracurricular activities. It can also be used in a classroom setting to explicitly communicate the teachers’ expectations to the students – and what kind of support the students can expect from teachers and administration.

It can also be used together with students, where it can be used as an object for discussion of what we in this particular context want to do, and what are the obstacles?

1. How do you as a professor/teacher create an environment where students get intrinsic motivation to pursue projects that are not directly credited in an educational setting?

2. How do you as a teacher/professor nourish the project and remove obstacles that interfere with progress?

3. What kind of explicit challenges/goals do you emphasize in order to encourage the students’ work?

This video was made by Kristian Nøhr Jensen, educational consultant at University College Copenhagen

In the video, you see Nick Bødker Holmberg, student at teacher education programme at University College Copenhagen

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