How to use suitable methods to assess talented students

See how to assess talented students and how to guide them in their developing processes.

The video contains interviews with honors students and an honors teacher about their experience with talent education and assessment.

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The goal is to develop personal competences of the students beside their regular education and learning processes. The assessments are not rated by the products produced, but rather students get rated by their personal development.

It is a successful way of motivating students to work with their talents and to make some extra steps while studying. A part of this motivation is the way you can reward students with EC’s (European Credits), but also by supporting students and help them develop what they really want.

This can be their skills, but also ideas of starting their own business without knowing where to start. After watching this video you get an idea of how to use assessment and you’ll see the reaction of people who are using it. It is never too late to use your talents!  

Questions for reflection

1. How do you assess activities where students are in the lead? 

2. What is the importance of students formulating their own learning goals? 

3. How do you use a student’s portfolio during your teaching? 

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands


Boukje Asselbergs – Honors student,  School of Business Management

Gerald Weering – Honours teacher, School of Business Management

Marnick Joustra – Honours student,  School of Business Management 

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