Teacher's perspective - How to reward students in talent programs

Three teachers involved in the Dutch Honors Program give their ideas on how to reward talented students.

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According to Ron, Elisabeth and Sylvia, these special programs for talented students give students the opportunity to develop their talents. Sometimes they can really lose themselves and make magical things happen. They think beyond the regular question, make things personal, and gain insight and knowledge by getting to know different perspectives from different disciplines.

These students have a lot of freedom, work with other motivated students, and they are able to develop their professional identity. This better equips them to make specific choices for the future.

Questions for reflection

1. What do you think is important for honours students?

2. What activities and challenges do you offer your students?

3. What type of activities do you like best?

4. What student activity provides you as a teacher with the most satisfaction?

5. If you find yourself in a learning situation, what do you think is most rewarding?

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Droovi Dezilva – University of Utrecht

Ron Weerheijm and Sylvia Erlings – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Elisabeth Addink – University of Utrecht


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