Student's perspective - How to reward students in talent programs

The one in which you’ll find out what students gain from the Honors program and how they would like to be rewarded for their work.

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Why would students participate in the Honors program? In this video you’ll see different perspectives on what students think are valuable components of the Honors program. You’ll also find out what they gained from this program and what they think they’ll use further up in their life and career.

Furthermore, the respondents answer the question of how they would like to be rewarded for their work in the Honors program. Of course, they all have their own opinion on that subject.


Questions for reflection

1. Did you realize how varied the aspects are that students find rewarding in honors programmes?

2. Do you offer your students this variety?

3. How do you normally reward your students?

4. Do you focus on the achievements or on the process?

5. How do you yourself like to be rewarded?

6. Do you have educational activities where you could offer more rewarding activities to students?


Mylène Alves da Silva, Amy Hill, Elyssio Ramos Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Karuna Adhikari – University of Antwerp

Amy Hill and Nico Musebrink – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Andreea Chelar and Christina Luca – University of Iaşi

Veerle Paarlberg – University of Utrecht

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