How to stimulate academic depth in students

Transferring knowledge, getting students enthusiastic and triggered by your area of expertise… sounds good? Well, helping your students on their way to increase their academic depth is what is discussed in this video!

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Stimulating academic depth in students is an important teaching strategy within talent development education that also benefits teachers: when students are intrigued by a subject and are challenged to present and discuss what they have learnt to each other, you as a teacher can be surprised in what the students come up with.

As a teacher, you can see how fostering freedom in light of stimulating academic depth can really inspire your students and, who knows, yourself as well.

Questions for reflection

1. Is it easy for you to have active students in class? Can you think of reasons that makes it easy or difficult?

2. Do you see an opportunity in offering students different ways to study your course? What are the pitfalls and what can be the benefits?

3. Do you apply a specific form of retrieval practice in your class? What works for you and what doesn’t?

This video is made by University of Antwerp, Belgium

Tessa De Block – Academic staff member

Karuna Adhikari – Pharmaceutical Science PhD student, Honors Alumni

Marleen Eyckmans – Quality assurance staff member


The video features:

Tessa De Block – Academic staff member

Marleen Eyckmans – Quality assurance staff member

The CoTalent Crew saying YES

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